COURAGE Policing Project: Affinity and Empathy Mapping

Finding Themes – Affinity Diagram

In class, we had a warm discussion with law school students, shared stories from different aspects. Written on post-its, information, stories, ideas, and insights were gathered and sorted into themes to provide a better overview of the situation.

Looking at all the concepts we came up with on the Affinity Mapping, we see that the issue itself is very complex. There are so many angles we can see from just this mapping. There is the agency angle, where they need additional resources to help Law Enforcement Agencies train better officers, hold them accountable and implement these trainings to better serve domestic violence and sexual assault victims. What are the different categories in these cases, implement training about stereotypes, change agency culture, run pilot projects, develop better response systems.

Then there is the victim angle,  and how they are perceived, how they are treated and what resources are they served with when they have to go through the legal system and for example, their significant, other who is the perpetrator, is the breadwinner in the home, how are these victims provided for after their source of income is incarcerated. Where do these women go, what do they do next, can they come back home? there are many unanswered questions here.



Then there is dealing with societal stereotypes, shame, blamed by family members, blamed by the police, unspoken acts of violence and so much more. The plan is to reinvent the way the police deals with a situation and prevent “Revictimization” of the survivor through good reporting and follow-up.

We also looked into what resources are available and what can be improved:

  • Hotlines
  • Survivor/Victim Help & Resources
  • Victim Rehabilitation
  • Advocacy Dissemination
  • Accessibility (Visual & Hearing Impaired)
  • Victim-Centered Approach to Training Material / Visuals
  • Awareness Campaigns in many languages
  • Promotion of existing Regulatory Framework / Regulations / Laws
  • Data Collection
  • Survey Reporting
  • Training Material
  • Experiential Training
  • Reinventing / Reimagining Law Enforcement Culture



Affinity Map



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