Spirit Weavers Gathering 2015

I am humbled and grateful to have had the honor of participating once again in an awe inspiring, powerful and earth conscious gathering as is Spirit Weavers. I’m inspired by so many incredible women who have opened their hearts, had a definite clear vision of what a community is and create this for us to be able to extend it to our own communities as we head on back home.

Thank you to the amazing council, teachers, elders, mamas, babies, sisters, cooks, helpers, wombs, trees, birds, rivers, winged ones and critters for the joy, lessons, understandings, laughs, good cries, healing, teachings, sharing and growth that I was part of and a witness to. We are such powerful co-creators. I pray that this vision keeps expanding in a loving way and reaches women in every corner of the world. All women deserve this level of loving enrichment. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Amy WoodruffRahel Ben-CnaanSarah RottermanJolene PogozelskiFaith HitchonMedicine NationLaura IsabelShelby SanchezCaitlin MercadoFeather ChyldVicky Salcido-Cobbe,  Amy Berry RaupachAmy FrugardJaclyn DeSantisRenata ChebelMiriam GraceAstraya LunaRhiannon Chenoa and so many other wonderful women THANK YOU!


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