Capstone Week 10

During Week 10, the website started taking shape very nicely. I have been hard at work understanding the Bulma framework and it’s finally clicking in my brain.

There is great documentation and thankfully YouTube also helps. There are some tutorials that I’ve had to watch to understand some of the components and the many variables they each contain.

This week I wanted to get the structure of the index.html page more complete and I was able to get all the sections laid out as my original prototype design. I am not sure how this is going to workout at the end, but I’ll just keep watching videos and asking professor Ewig for advice.


I have also began to populate some curated content that I feel is appropriate for the project. The intention is to have content that really makes sense and is easy to read and understand by a novice user coming to learn from this site.
I don’t want to overwhelm people because I know that was my initial reaction 12 years ago with the information I was able to find back then. I remember I was absorbing so much because I was really hungry to learn more. I was fascinated and I want people to be able to feed that fascination with great information.

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