This week I am finalizing the script, the video for the Microsite, the grant proposal, and the presentation.

Here is the script for the video so far. I may add or tweak some of the wording, but I have yet to finish writing it to present the website.

Here is the link to the MICROSITE!

Plants have been used for most of human history and are still widely used today. 
Entheogen is any plant substance that, when ingested, alters a persons’ perception or state of consciousness.

Ancestral Master Plant medicines have been used for millennia in many indigenous traditions. Specifically speaking these are Ayahuasca – a sacred brew from the Amazon; Peyote – the sacred cactus from northern Mexico and South of the Rio Grande; Awakolla, also known as San Pedro that comes from the Andes mountains, and Psilocybin Mushrooms that grow wild all over the world.

In the past 40 years, they started to gain popularity as more and more people are wanting to experience them and work with them.

Why do people want to work with these master plants?

Many people come to know plant medicine out of pure curiosity, but most people are drawn to the plants’ potential for deep mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Other people want to explore their subconscious and receive messages from the spirit realm through the use of these plants. 

And how do people find a good source or a trusted facilitator? By doing good research and educating themselves. 

With this fast-growing and widespread use of plant medicine and entheogen–it is imperative that people are properly informed to be able to have an optimal experience when ingesting these plants.

This website will create awareness about master plant medicines, to help educate people about their proper use for emotional, mental, physical, spiritual healing, and therapy, and give advice and guide users about the best way to prepare for a plant medicine ceremony:

  1. what questions to ask
  2. the importance of integration after a ceremony
  3. Also very important, about the conservation and preservation of these plants, 

Also, through storytelling, inform people about the different indigenous traditions and lineages that use them as spiritual and healing practices. 

PLANTA is a website with carefully curated educational articles about these master plant medicines. It features downloadable free content, conservation initiatives, the ability to share articles, workshops, a video gallery, and information about the different traditions.

PLANTA aims to serve the community and people who are new to these alternative healing modalities of plant medicine. In the future, PLANTA will offer special membership-based workshops and events.

This information has been gathered from well-known elders, teachers, and guides from this medicine path. PLANTA is a safe source for such information and it will continue to strive to serve the community with respect for the plants, the medicines, the various traditions, the ceremony space, and protocols with responsibility, and high integrity.

If you are interested in learning more or expand your knowledge about plant medicine, their wisdom, and the traditions that safeguard them, please visit

Write Grant Proposal & Polish Presentation 🙂 Almost there!

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