Moon Owl Design Etsy Shop

I have recently created a new Etsy shop where I sell some of my designs. The store is geared toward new Etsy shop owners who need Logo design, Banners design or any design collateral for them to be able to have a beautiful presence on the net.

I offer Pre-made Etsy Banner Set. This Set Includes:
+ Banner
+ Avatar
+ Reserved Listing Graphic
+ Custom Listing Graphic

I also offer my Etsy Store Starter Package, a full identity creation which includes
+ Logo design (PDF, JPG, and PNG format)
+ Business card design (single- or double-sided, 300dpi, PDF format)
+ Shop banner
+ Etsy profile image
+ Reserved / Custom Order listing image

Check out my store here.


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Moon Owl Design Etsy Shop

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Moon Owl Desgin Etsy Shop

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