Ollintlahuimetztli – Moondance Postcards

Ollintlahuimetztli – Movement of the Light of the Moon

This year marks the completion of the first 4 of 9 years of commitment to the Moondance in Teotihuacan, Mexico. The Moondance is a ceremony which has it’s roots in ancient Tenochtitlan (modern day Mexico City) and it comes from the Mexhica lineage of grandmothers.

As a commemoration of completing my 4th year of Danza de la Luna, I created these postcards as giveaways for the other sisters who dance with me. This year marks the first cycle of danza years where I become a permanent guardian to the Obsidian Pipe, a powerful prayer tool and a beautiful instrument that I hold dear in my heart. The pipe, which is made up of a wooden stem and an Obsidian stone bowl, represents the male and female aspects of a human being. Among its many uses, it is mainly used for healing prayers.

Please contact me if you’d like more information about the Moondance.


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